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that intervening might set a precedent. >> sean: are we seeing similarities today? >> i think the similarity we see is that he came in and addressed a mess with harding who went before him. we have a mess now that needs coolidge for a leader. i really liked him. he's the hero we're missing. >> sean: a lot of people, i mean, obviously, you have a historical perspective that a lot of of people don't have, but i know that a lot of people after the election, and by the way i'm tired of hearing the people whining that obama wlection get over it, get your pants on and get back on the field and start fighting. but there is an ebb and flow, why? why do we go through progressive and conservative to bail them out? why the ebb and flow and we don't stick with it. >> we don't remember the last truly bad times the '70s or early '80s, the interest rates went so high, our parents couldn't buy houses or buy bigger houses or pay for the
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house they had. this is a forgotten past to us, everything has been sort of good since the '80s when most of us became adults or later, right and some has to do with memory. if you remember how bad inflation was, then you are afraid of it, but many adults don't remember that. >> sean: well, as sort of like with this ebb and flow, does obama then create the new coolidge? >> yes, well, what happened was we have a lot of economic trouble and then suddenly a president cares about budgets, which is what coolidge is/was, gets interesting, doesn't he? >> very much so, didn't get interesting soon enough. >> not this time. >> sean: amity, good to see you, thank you. and that's all the time we have left this evening, as always thank you for being with us, let not your heart be troubled, the news continues, greta is next to go on the record. we'll see you back here tomorrow night. greta. >> greta: tonight, an eerie goodbye message from the murdered model girl friend of olympian turned accused killer oscar pistorius. >> i think the way that you go out your journey in life the
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way you go out and exist-- you either made an impact in a positive way or a negative way, but just maintaining-- and just always be true to yourself. and i'm going to miss you all so much. and i'll be very, very sad. >> we're learning more about the evidence that turned up in the home of the history making olympian oscar pistorius. a source tells the british newspaper "the sun" that police found steroids in the sprinter's home, steroids, and signs of heavy drinking and a south african reports that a blood soaked cricket bat is the key pose of evidence and the girlfriend's skull was also crushed. allegations surfacing today that former senator chuck hagel the department is
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controlled by the israeli foreign military. and if the second statement were true said the secretary of state's office is it controlled by the israeli foreign military, and the israelis-u.s. relationship way out of the mainstream. if he were to accuse the department of state of being basically subserviant to the nation of israel that would be, that would be enough to scuttle this nomination. >> new questions about transparency within the obama administration as the white house press corps expressing frustration after being barred from the president's weekend golf trip to florida. >> the drive-by fit to be tied. and ed henry the head of the white house correspondent's association has logged an official complaint with the white house claiming lack of transparency. >> let me say it as simply as i can, transparency and the rule of low will be the touchstones of this presidency.
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>> do you think it's that big a deal. do you think that a picture with obama and tiger woods, it would hurt him? i don't either. who are we talking about, he's the celebrity of the united states already to these people. this would have been a big pl plus. >> greta: all that and more coming up, but first the blade runner murder investigation getting stranger by the minute. the disturbing new evidence turning up in the south african home oscar pistorius and chilling message from his girlfriend months before her death reeva steenkamp filmed a reality show in jamaica. and two days after her death. a clip of steenkamp saying good bye. >> you literally fall in love with jamaica. you fall in love with being in love with love. and love. i'm going home with a little sweet taste in my mouth. i don't have any regrets. i don't have any-- i take home so many amazing
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memories of things that are in here. that are in here that i'll treasure forever. i think the way that you go out not your journey in life the way that you go out and make your exit, it's so important. you either made an impact in a positive way or a negative way, but just maintaining class and always be true to yourself and i'm going to miss you all so much. i love you very, very much. >> the latist on the murder investigation, and reporter adam wakefield joins us from johannesburg. adam, nice to see you. >> reporter: good to see you, too. >> greta: i want to start first with the news that there was a cricket bat that was found at the scene and there was blood on it. is that-- have you been able to confirm that? >> once again, i think as has been the case thus far, police haven't confirmed anything. these details were revealed by a sunday daily newspaper here
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in south africa what they have he' been saying, police are considering the cricket bat being used and one pistorius struck the cricket bat when the incident began and two, used the bat to defend herself after the first shot or thee, the story used the cricket bat to break into the bathroom to protect herself after he tired the first shot. >> what is it that we do know about this investigation, that apparently it starts with the police pick up about 3:20 in the morning, there's a phone call and the phone call after first a phone call it one of his friends. >> yes, that's right. the only details confirmed by the police that police initially received a voice complaint as you mentioned, after one o'clock and then another call after three o'clock which after shots were heard and pistorius reportedly called his friend before he
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called the emergency services and finding him rushing over to the house to find a weeping pistorius and carrying her bloody body out to the front porch and the police arrive. and told the media that he was inconsolable. i've killed my-- god please take me away and in his garage-- prior to the phone call there have been earlier reports that there were text messages between the decedent and a rugby player. do you know anything about that? >> yeah, the rugby player in question his name is francois, and rugby player and i'd say almost the equivalent to the american football. it's very, very popular, and-- (inaudible) that can the not
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be confirmed, but not any involvement in the incident through his agent. and at the moment hasn't gone any further. an a text... (inaudible). >> greta: how is the relationship between oscar and reeva been described? i know it's not particularly long duration, but were there other incidents between the two of them? >> well, it's relatively short as you said. there's been contrasting accounts and a long future together while rumors that there was trouble in paradise and this was the... as to what exactly, what was happening
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speculation coming out of newspapers and local media. what was happening, rumors weren't all that well, but planning for a long future. six of one half dozen of another. >> greta: and how shaken is the south african public. one a sports icon, one a beautiful woman with a promising future that's now been cut to the end. >> well, i think to say on thursday following the initial incident very much shocked and didn't know what to think, but now that we've over the weekend and people had a lot more to digest, the local media trained on this case. the day of the incident how big this news is. and the country's version of the state of the union address was obliterated by the media
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coverage of the story. and this morning, i would just say that people are holding themselves to wait and see what would happen and i think in terms of public opinion, it's shocking... a lot of of people are wondering exactly who is pistorius and what happened on tuesday morning. >> greta: it's obviously tuesday morning where you are in south africa and curious whether people anticipate oscar when he does go to court, wh he's likely to get bail or not. >> that's difficult to say at this stage, opposing bail and the charge under south african law premeditated murder. he might make a brief statement in court today, what's going to happen came about and the defense argue that the charge be reduced from premeditated to murder to murder, while the state opposed that they want to go
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for the maximum. whether he will receive bail or not discussions moved over on to wednesday (inaudible). >> greta: adam, thank you. >> my pleasure. >> greta: illegal steroids were reportedly found in pistorius' home and you can expect that pistorius will be tested for steroids and do athletes in the paralympics use steroids. nice to see you, sir, he competed in the games. >> good to be here, thank you. >> greta: i'm curious, you knew oscar or at least compete against him. what's your impression of him? >> good guy, you know, very, very down to earth, very polite, always put people before himself. good, good competitor. i mean, very good spirits, very, very compassionate and
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understanding and supportive of the men he competed with. so, yeah. >> greta: is he the-- is he the athlete to beat the one sort of the most fun to beat because he's been so successful? >> you know, he ran in a league of his own. i know? he didn't deserve to be in the paralympics because he was above that. he was so much mortalitie talen as a runner and he was the person to beat. he was the guy we were all chasing, but you know, he was -- he ran in a league of his own, he honestly did. i mean, you can see that by his time. >> greta: let me turn to the question of steroids. steroids reportedly found in his home. so many sports have been plagued by steroids and i'm curious whether or not steroids has been a problem in the paralympic competition? >> i -- i'm sure it has.
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i'm not very aware of it. i've only been involved in the paralympic movement for about three years, going on four. since 2009. so, i'm -- i'm not the best person to ask about all that stuff. all i do is train. my life revolves around training and i work hard. >> greta: i suspect though that rumors fly around those who are using steroids with sort of the inner circle. did you ever hear rumors that he was a steroid user? >> never heard. i heard this person did this or that person did that, but it was never somebody that i -- in the paralympics, you complete with someone in your own class, you know, below the knee amputee, bilateral below the knee amputee. and you don't really mix classes and talk to or know a whole lot of people in other classes, so, nothing that i had ever heard of from him, no, man. >> in london 2012 got beaten it in the 200 by an athlete in
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brazil. he was not happy about it, he challenged it thinking the prosthet prosthetics the athlete had were-- was that perfectly normal or surprised by the challenge? >> i was a little bit surprised. we had all, when we saw the guy from brazil, alan alavera. we thought, somebody has taken this rule and gone to their absolute maximum height not taking into consideration how it might affect their body and so, when he did go out and run that kind of time, i didn't see the outburst, i didn't see anything that happened, but you know, we had been trying to make a statement to the ipc that there are certain rules and regulations that needed to be changed and they weren't changed. >> greta: what does this arrest and this allegation of murder do to sort of the paralympics. i mean, does it sort of put a
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huge damper on the sport and shocked everybody or is it just one less athlete to compete? >> that's a great question. i've actually thought about that many, many times over the last couple of days. and to be honest with you, i don't know how it will affect the movement itself. i know we've, you know, as a movement, the paralympics has gotten a the lot of recognition and it has been because of him. but locally, i mean, in the united states, we've been getting a lot of recognition without him. so, there's a lot of different things that can happen. only time will tell honestly. >> greta: well, i think inspiration because it's well deserved the paralympics and the athletes that compete. i think you guys, you earned all of our admiration fairly. anyway, dave, thank you. >> thank you very much, thanks for having me.
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i appreciate it. >> greta: remember, tomorrow, oscar pistorius will be back in court. we will bring you the latest on the murder case tomorrow night on the record. now to a controversy over defense secretary nominee chuck hagel. now fuel for the fire and senators raising remarks for renarcs in 2007. cording to the record, hagel says that it's an adjuncts to the israeli office. and making the comment at rutgers, and today another bombshell accusation. the person who brought senator hagel to russia was once a pro hamas candidacy for the presidency. and new for joining us. >> thank you, greta. >> greta: so where do you stand on vote for senator hagel tonight? . well, i asked him a question about the report you just referenced.
10:17 pm
there was a blog post after his speech at rutgers by a supporter who listed six points of the speech and number six was that the state department, the u.s. state department was adjunct of the israeli foreign minister's office, which is a breath taking statement. senator hagel says he doesn't recall making that statement and would disavow it. this latest report, i'm trying to sort it. but the bottom line for me, if he in fact said something like that, that the state department was controlled by the israeli foreign minister's office, i think that would undermine the role as secretary of defense and i would hope the democrats come forward in light of all the other things he said. >> greta: has he made any similar statement remotely similar about israel that might sort of bolster your thinking that this could have happened at rutgers which he has denied and has he made any other statement suggesting that politicians in this country are way too cozy with israel and israel controls our
10:18 pm
foreign policy and decisions? >> absolutely. during my questioning, senator hagel made a statement that was reported in a book that he was interviewed. he was quoted in a book where he said the jewish lobby intimidates a lot of senators. a senator from nebraska not israel and the jewish lobby intimidates the senate to make some very dumb decisions and i asked him name one u.s. senator that was intimidated by the jewish lobby and name one thing we've done. he said name a senator and a dumb thing. and it that was a stunning statement and he apologized for it. and other things suggesting the state department. you mention the congress be intimidated by the jewish lobby, and he said the state department is under the thumb of the israeli foreign minister's office, that would show an edge about israel and in view of the israel-u.s. relationships, it's so outside
10:19 pm
of the mainstream i don't think he could effectively serve. he said he couldn't recall this. if you asked, you don't recall it, say no. and there are some clear evidence that he said that the state department was controlled by the israeli foreign minister's office or anything like that, the sum total of all the things he said and all the moves he's taken i think would make him unacceptable. >> greta: i know there were a lot of questions you had about benghazi, questions you said you didn't get the answer to. have you gotten all of the answers and if you haven't gotten the answers, is that in any way going to hold up in your mind or put any sort of of stop on senator hagel for secretary of defense? >> we've got one question answered out of about 30 we sent to the white house and that question was did the president call anyone in libya the night of the attack to get libyan government officials to help the people under attack, to get the rescue team
10:20 pm
released from the benghazi airport where they were held up for three and a half hours. the president only called the libyan official on september the 12th after everybody was dead. no, i'm not, but i've got other questions coming, particularly around brennan who changed the talking point. who are the survivors, we can't we interview the survivors. the fbi interviewed the survivors two days after the attack and we want those released. so the president said a couple of days ago, last thursday, i think, that congress is really running out of questions and they've been the most transparent administration in history about benghazi. nothing could be further from the truth. apparently he can say anything he wants to say. the media doesn't get upset unless they want a photo of his and tiger woods' he golf game. but we're going to write questions about who changed the talking points about al-qaeda. and back to senator hagel if he said anything akin to the state department being controlled by the israeli
10:21 pm
foreign minister's office in light of the other statements, the jewish lobby statement and the votes he's taken and the attitude he's exhibited toward iran and israel that would be it for me and i hope some democrats at that point would come forward and ask the president to nominate somebody new. >> greta: senator graham, thank you, sir. thank you. >> greta: straight ahead, israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu, and remember drew peterson convicted of murdering wife number three. he he's headed back to court tomorrow. could this be good news for the former police officer? our panel has the latest twist in the case. plus, does senator marco rubio now have a a a a a a
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>> israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu warns north korea's nuclear test is a wakeup call, a wakeup call about iran. >> sanctions will not stop a nuclear program of iran. we have to be coupled with a robust, credible military threat. if they're not, there's no chance to stop it. >> greta: former u.n. ambassador john bolton joins
10:26 pm
us. good evening, sir. >> good morning. >> greta: prime minister netanyahu says that iran is going to top the agenda when he meets with president obama and when he makes his first trip as president to israel. i'm curious, do sanctions, have they worked anytime? >> well, not in the case of something like a would-be nuclear proliferator. i think that north korea is a good example that prime minister netanyahu used. it's one of the poorest countries on earth. the most sanctioned country on earth and the people are perennially near starvation and yet, exploded their third nuclear device and in december put a payload into orbit. if you're tehran you're going to see you have the determination you're going to get nuclear weapons and that's why the israelis are so worried about the failure of policies, the failure of sanctions to slow iran down. >> greta: i would think that sanctions would only work if
10:27 pm
everybody were on board so there weren't penetrations of the market so the countries could get money and i find it almost-- almost the point of insanity that we expect the sanctions to work in iran when just we give extensions for exceptions to the sanctions and we have 20 countries that have exceptions from our treasury department to do business with iran and they're big companies, germany, france, china, india, south africa, spain, poland, the netherlands. all of these countries are allowed to do business with iran. and get rid of their nuclear weapons, that's-- >> and that's only what the countries are doing legally. let alone what they're doing illegally. there is a theoretical case for sanctions massively applied very quickly and enforced by military force. and that's essentially the opposite of the sanction,s program that we've imposed on iran. it's been done incrementally,
10:28 pm
we've not had full cooperation from all countries and iran is evading it, the financial side and the oil side. and the sanctions are having an economic effect on iran, that's true, but largely against iran's middle class which of course is the group of people most opposed to the rule of the ayatollah. it's had no discernible effect on iran's nuclear weapons program and that's what it's supposed to effect. >> and when you're complicit with breaking the sanctions, the ability of the sanctions to do what they're intended to do and we even give it to britain. we're basically complicit and we do this because we don't watch the countries running up the oil prices here at home. >> i think that's right and i think it also ties in with the obama administration's near theological determination to find a way to negotiate with iran. they really believe or maybe the president really believes he can chitchat iran out of its nuclear weapons objective.
10:29 pm
that is not going to happen. and that's why the spotlight is on israel and on this trip by the president about whether israel will use military force. and it's directly affects the response of the united states if israel for the third time in its history decide to take on a hostile state's nuclear weapons program. >> greta: and i'd who have to be a fly on the wall when prime minister netanyahu has a conversation with president obama on his own soil in that very dangerous region. ambassador, thank you, sir. >> thank you. >> greta: what do you think? is the u.s. doing enough about iran? are sanctions enough? go to and tell us. >> coming up, a business man versus a baby. an executive is accused of hitting a baby, not his, on an airplane. our legal panel is here to talk about this bizarre case that's next. and also, does florida senator [ engine revving ]
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... and more bandages. that's powerful. sharble data plus unlimited talk and text. now save $50 on a droid razr maxx hd by motorola. >> remember sergeant drew peterson. his story going coast to coast. and in the murder of wife number three and disappearance in wife number four. a new t >> tomorrow, peterson's lawyers will argue for a new trial. will the convicted killer get a new trial? our legal panel is here. ted, is he going to get a new trial? >> no! let me say a resounding no.
10:34 pm
let me start off by his lawyer, joe browski, one of the worst lawyers i have ever seen handle any kind of a case -- >> how do you really feel about him? >> i thought he was horrible when we covered him years ago and he's still horrible. >> to make sure, that is your opinion -- [overlapping dialogue] >> hey, hey -- let's try to remember. his client was facing criminal jeopardy. he had his client over every television station he could. this guy's never seen a camera he didn't like. >> huh. i don't know if i can top that. let me cover the boring part, which is the constitution because i know our listeners like that. plus, maybe somebody will drop the lawsuit. in order for him to win, they have to briewf, 1, that the lawyer screwed up the case and 2, that it was so bad it changed the outcome of a case. if you make a tactical decision to call a witness -- >> or go on tv.
10:35 pm
>> or go on tv or whatever -- whatever lawyers do. lawyers have -- including me, including ted -- not greta -- >> including jim. >> we have big mouths. but -- we have big mouths. the guy's not going to get a new trial. but the lawyer should be taking c.l.e. classes. >> jim, are you going to get me in trouble? >> you are not being sued. ted's in trouble. >> that was ted's opinion! that was ted's opinion. >> absolutely! >> opinion about his professional qualifications, i think there is possibly a defamation suit. the guy's a bozo, ted. so you are fine. professor grimm and bernie is right. it's a very, very high bar legally speaking, if we have to talk about the constitution to get a new trial. but on a human level, the judge made the rulings and has to say, you know what? oh, my god, i screwed up. and this guy needs a brand-new
10:36 pm
trial. the guy will die in prison. >> i'll tell you the problem, there is no physical evidence, tig peterson to the murder of wife number 3 -- >> like in scott peterson. >> now i will put myself on a limb -- it is my opinion that the coroner's report and the investigation done of the murder -- of the death of wife number 3 was the worst i had ever seen, ever, ever -- >> but having -- >> when it came -- what? >> having bad evidence or a not perfect witness doesn't get you a new trial. scott peterson, whey don't know what the crime scene was -- >> i do. >> he's on death row. >> oh, no, i understand that. the problem is that the evidence was so weak from a physical evidence standpoint and the investigation at the time of the murder was so bad, it was so rotten that they blew the opportunity to make the case against him more effectively. >> the problem is and i remember us a it, he had a swimmer's chance until the
10:37 pm
evidence came in that he had killed his other wife. and when that comes in -- forget it. the gavel goes down. >> what you may find is that he may have a chance on appeal to get this sentence -- verdict conviction reversed. >> i was in his house when it was investigated on wife number 4 -- she still hasn't been found. he sat me down in his office and he said she left with her passport and her underwear. it was the weirdest story ever. >> when you went out there alone to do the interview, i was being groomed as the new anchor -- >> i wasn't marrying him. >> no matter how you look at it, the judge in this court allowed a lot of hearsay evidence in -- >> that's a whole other story. >> that's going to be, i think, an appellate issue that -- you know, i believe this guy has something to do with wife number 3 and 4 missing i. god, i'm really getting sued. >> i believe he did -- >> that's your opinion -- [overlapping dialogue] >> that's ted's opinion!
10:38 pm
>> it is not -- i should tell the viewers -- opinion isn't libel. >> if not for the rulings and these are tough rulings and hearsay, we can raise questions about. a cop can commit the perfect crime, a psychopath, kill woman after woman, want leave physical evidence, but for hearsay evidence this, guy walks free. so thank god this judge lets in the evidence. i hope it stands on appeal. >> the cops just looked the other way because it was a cop who was a suspect -- >> absolutely! it was a terrible investigation. >> terrible investigation! >> now it's up to a judge to uphold the conviction. >> now we have to go to another case. this is bernie grimm's favorite, an idaho businessman is facing charges for slapping a baby on an airplane when joe huntley took a delta flight from minneapolis to atlanta. he was sitting next to a woman with a 19-month-old son and the baby started to cry. huntley allegedly told the mother to shut the baby up with
10:39 pm
a racial slur. then she says he slapped the child in the face. he is charged with assault. his lawyer says he will plead not guilty, but that didn't stop his company from firing him. >> i talked to the faa, you are allowed to open the guy, take that guy and throw him out. this is vile, disgusting. he is facing a year in jail, which is just offensive. i mean, i have been on planes before with my kids yelling and screaming, it's justue know -- i think i was next to them. you. >> you are inconveniencing people and everything else. that's life. kids cry when they are tired, when they are unhappy, when they are hungry, just deal with. >> it i think what is more troubling for me, not only did he see this adopted black child with a white woman and used the n-word before slapping the person, quite naturally, he is going to try to say he was intoxicated and didn't know what he was doing. but i think his employer acted
10:40 pm
properly in terminating him. i think from all indication, he was an at-will employee, i have no problems with him being terminated. >> i wouldn't be -- i would suspect he might have a moral clause in his contract and embarrassing the company. maybe not. jim? >> yeah. you know what? his defense is that he was drunk. being drurchtion doesn't make you a racist or hit children. those are vile acts. the thing that offends me most, how is this only a misdemeanor? in california, we get a reputation for being soft on crime -- if you beat a child -- [overlapping dialogue] >> if you hit a child in the face, that's child endangerment, child cruelty. there is blood on the child's face -- this ought to be a felony case. he ought to be looking at serious, serious time and probation. the fact it's a misdemeanor is offensive to me. >> gentlemen, thank you as always. coming up, if you thought illegal immigrants were not covered by medicaid, think
10:41 pm
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10:44 pm
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ichltd. >> greta: how much do you think you, the taxpayers are paying for medical treatment for illegal immigrants. if you guessed 1 billion a year, you would be wrong. try 2 billion a year, why are taxpayers paying the medical bills for illegal immigrants? washington political correspondent byron york joins us, i thought that medicaid was not supposed to be paid out for illegal immigrants? >> that's true. people in the country illegally are not eligible for medicaid, but they're eligible for something called emergency medicaid. you know, in this country, for many years since 1980's, congress has passed laws that require hospitals to treat
10:47 pm
people in emergency rooms, to treat people who show up and need treatment. they are not allowed to turn them away because they don't have insurance and they're not allowed to turn them away because they're not in the country legally. >> and they're not allowed to ask. >> exactly, not allowed to ask. so if a woman comes, she's in labor and she take care of her and they find out through the process of asking for information and stuff that she's there illegally, but they treat her. so, that's what happens. and some states are more generous than others in the kind of treatment that they will give out, and under this emergency medicaid. and as a matter of fact, that 2 billion dollars that you mentioned, a large, large part of it. much more than half is spent in new york, in california, which offer the most generous benefits, chemotherapy is covered by emergency medicaid, kidney dialysis is covered by emergency medicaid in those two states. >> greta: you know, i realize
10:48 pm
the difficult issue, but i can't imagine a woman showing up in labor and any hospital turning a woman away. i can't think-- i don't think that, i don't think anyone who is even on a -- who's violently opposed to illegal immigrants getting anything would oppose at that one. i mean, a woman in labor or someone dying, whatever. >> yeah, if you talk to conservative groups that oppose comprehensive immigration reform and oppose what they call amnesty, they're not saying turn this people away, they're saying this proves the case that you need border security. you need to stop people from crossing into the united states illegally because once they're here, if they do become seriously ill they show up in an emergency room, of course they're going to be treated and it will cost the taxpayer something, but in a larger policy sense, that's why you need a secure border. >> the two billion i read is a huge number.
10:49 pm
but it's 1% of medicaid. >> there are immigration advocates who would like to see that number increase quite a bit. they say there's not enough services are offered to illegal immigrants upped the program. but, for the conservatives, it really is an argument for-- border security. >> border security and that's coming out of the white house, we're going to have border security? >> well, actually that's the cause of the fight. now, with the president having leaked this, this preview of his immigration plan, usa today over the weekend and marco rubio saying if he proposes this bill, it will be quote, dead on arrival and the senate, now, it's not great to have yourers while ally in the senate saying your bill will be dead on arrival in the senate. and a lot of people think the president released this plan to allow the gang of 8 look tough. and so they can push their plan and even though both of
10:50 pm
n them are based on he immediate legalization of all illegal immigrants in the country except for criminals. >> greta: thank you. and may mitch mcconnell have another one to face. aen louisville tea party says that devin has met with a group and enhe owns a film making company and could help in a run against nart mcconnell already fund raiding for 2014. straight ahead, what does [ washer and dryer sounds ]
10:51 pm
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>> fast food giants burger king and mcdonald's hash it out. and they got a big surprise tweeting burger king twitter account hacked and turned into big mcdonald's ad. that's right, hackers substituted the logo in place of burger king's logo and said controversial yes, obscene
10:55 pm
tweets and there's a silver line. tweeters hack and get us 30,000 more followers than before a suspended. and spelling, twitter is going to grade our tweets. if we get all a's is there a prize involve? and hopefully they're grading on the curve. and former secretary of state hillary clinton now have a new job. the hill tweets, hillary clinton to join speaking circuit and does florida's senator marco rubio have a new career, too. abc posting rubio raises $100,000 off water bottle and since he sipped water during the state of the union response his pac raised $100,000 and the bottles with the name rubio for a donation.
10:56 pm
and former senator fred thompson taking on president obama. reports over 65,000 guns bought since obama came into office. maybe instead of pushing electric cars, he should threaten to ban them. news about michael jackson's oldest son, prince michael jackson is our new et correspondent and new addition to the marine corps, marine corps welcomes new puppy, chessy, a nine week old bull dog before becoming private first class chesty. and also don't forget to follow me on twitter@greta wire. wire. coming up how do you my insurance rates e probably gonna double. but, dad, you've got... [ voice of dennis ] allstate. with accident forgiveness, they guarantee your rates won't go up just because of an accident. smart kid. [ voice of dennis ] indeed. are you in good hands?
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